An old man smiling while having a conversation with a woman who is shown from a backside angle

Resilience in Difficult Times

This helpsheet provides simple steps to build resilience and the resilience of people in care.

The five steps outlined in the document examine:

  1.  “No-one knows everything about this situation, so what are the things I know for sure? What can I do, based on that?” (MEANING MAKING)
  2. “What kind of approach or attitude do I want to have about this situation? Given that, what choices do I want to make?” (SENSE OF MASTERY AND CONTROL)
  3. “Who are the helpers in this situation? And who can I help?” (CONNECTEDNESS)
  4. “What feels familiar to me in this, given my knowledge, skills and past experiences? And what does that tell me I could do now?” (MY RESOURCES)
  5. “What can I learn from this? What will I do differently as a result?” (MY ACTIONS)