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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communication Cards

As dementia progresses, some people living with dementia may find it more difficult to communicate. The inability for a person with dementia to communicate what they want or need can be frustrating for both them and care staff. For an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person with dementia, the communication barrier can be greater due to language and cultural differences with those providing care.

Communication aids such as illustrated cue cards may assist care staff to understand the care needs of the person and create opportunities to build trust and security while reducing anxiety. The ability to make a connection and engage with the person can also reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

The set of 58 illustrated cards are divided into eight categories: 

Three cue cards depicting images that have meaning to an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person living with dementia. It has three scenarios - painting, bush tucker and going for a walk

  • People
  • Activities/Objects
  • Personal Care
  • Food/Drink
  • Health
  • Feelings
  • Places
  • Animals

 Each card has the English word and includes space on the back to write the word in the language of the person.

Carers can select the relevant card and use it to help communicate with the person they are caring for, enabling the person to be understood and understand their care is essential for a person’s independence and wellbeing.

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