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Working together to support children with dementia

17 June 2021
here Just like adults with dementia, children with dementia progressively lose their memories, concentration, speech and ability to move. They experience confusion, distress and personality changes. Sadly, most die before reaching adulthood. In 2021 Dementia Support Australia (DSA) extended its support services to families like Megan Donnell’s. Megan’s children, Isla (12) and Jude (10), have childhood dementia caused by Sanfilippo Syndrome. Jude is yet to experience major decline but... Read More

Personal care plans, not drugs, best for people living with dementia experiencing severe behaviours

22 April 2021
here A world-first study of people living with severe symptoms of dementia has discovered that the impact of non-drug psychosocial treatments are more effective and significantly improve quality of life. The population-based study examined the impact of non-drug psychosocial treatments on nearly 6000 people living with severe symptoms of dementia.  The study, based on referrals for non-pharmacological interventions to Dementia Support Australia (DSA), has found these interventions to be... Read More

New partnership supports the LGBTI community

8 March 2021
here Dementia Support Australia, a program funded by the Australian Government, is committed to supporting all people with dementia where changes in behaviour impact their care. In line with this commitment, we are pleased to announce our partnership with LGBTIQ+ Health Australia. It is estimated that 11 per cent of the Australian population identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people (LGBTI). Many LGBTI people living with a diagnosis of dementia may not disclose their... Read More

Supporting a life of service

15 February 2021
here Audrey had been a member of the Australian Navy and led a very busy and structured life. In the care home where Audrey now lives, she rises early in the morning and stands near the nurse station wearing her “uniform” of a red jacket, red beret and her red shoulder bag. DSA was contacted by care home staff when Audrey started becoming agitated and unsettled, particularly when she found it difficult to communicate with staff. They were concerned these changes in behaviour were... Read More

New program engages aged care staff

8 December 2020
here Due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on older people, particularly in aged care homes, many care providers prohibited or reduced access to visitors. This “lockdown” phase, although an appropriate response in some cases, was known to have a significant emotional, psychological, and physical impact on residents, particularly those living with dementia. Dementia Support Australia’s experience in supporting people with dementia across Australia, where behaviours are... Read More

Joy to the world with 20% off selected books

1 December 2020
Our colleagues at The Dementia Centre, HammondCare have your Christmas gifts covered. This year, they are offering a 20% discount on a range of bestselling book titles.​ Read More

Music reconnects care network

26 November 2020
Grace was living with Alzheimer’s disease and unhappy in her care home. She was agitated, anxious and staff found it difficult to engage with her. Read More

A cultural journey supporting people with dementia

24 November 2020
DSA is committed to improving the quality of life for people living with dementia, which includes understanding the connection to land, spirit, and culture so important in our Indigenous and First Australian communities. Read More

Deafness and Dementia: Interpreting changes in behaviour

7 October 2020
Two new resources that support the well-being of people in the Deaf community who also live with dementia have been launched at the recent International Dementia Conference 2020. Read More

Help for families of a person in care during a pandemic

14 August 2020
This resource provides families with helpful advice and strategies to enable them to feel supported while also supporting their family member in care. Read More

Mary's story brings positive change to care

3 July 2020
Mary, a resident at an aged care home, loved to keep busy and stay organised. This activity led her to other residents’ rooms where she wanted to touch belongings such as linen and clothes. Read More

DSA travels all over Australia

6 August 2020
An estimated two out of five people living with dementia live in regional and rural towns and cities in Australia Read More

Virtual travel brings joy

27 July 2020
DSA purchased a projector and an iPad mini and provided a link to Golden Carers website. The website provides details on how to conduct an armchair travel experience and also has many great suggestions on travel videos to download. Read More

The power of music in care

2 June 2020
Evelyn was living with Alzheimer’s disease in an aged care home. Staff at the home found that they could only engage with her for short periods of time. Read More

Looking after a person with dementia in hospital

24 April 2020
here Staff in the acute care or hospital setting are increasingly required to provide care for patients with dementia. The hospital environment can be unfamiliar and distressing and it is important that staff understand and are equipped to provide safe and quality care tailored to the needs of the patient with dementia. A new resource “Considerations for looking after a patient with dementia in an acute care setting” is a reference guide for hospital staff to assist them in creating a connection... Read More
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