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Deafness and Dementia: Interpreting changes in behaviour

7 October 2020
Two new resources that support the well-being of people in the Deaf community who also live with dementia have been launched at the recent International Dementia Conference 2020. Read More

Help for families of a person in care during a pandemic

14 August 2020
This resource provides families with helpful advice and strategies to enable them to feel supported while also supporting their family member in care. Read More

Mary's story brings positive change to care

3 July 2020
Mary, a resident at an aged care home, loved to keep busy and stay organised. This activity led her to other residents’ rooms where she wanted to touch belongings such as linen and clothes. Read More

DSA travels all over Australia

6 August 2020
An estimated two out of five people living with dementia live in regional and rural towns and cities in Australia Read More

Virtual travel brings joy

27 July 2020
Getting outside and being socially active is important for us to stay happy and healthy. Read More

The power of music in care

2 June 2020
Evelyn was living with Alzheimer’s disease in an aged care home. Staff at the home found that they could only engage with her for short periods of time. Read More
Total 18 articles in this section.
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