The use of floor-signage for people with dementia: Position Paper

Tuesday 7 April, 2020

The use of floor-signage for people with dementia: Position PaperThe use of the floor signage to communicate wayfinding has increased during the current pandemic in aged care homes and other public areas. Tape and stickers are being applied to floors in supermarkets and workplaces to indicate social distancing measures and barriers.  In residential aged care, floor signage has been used as a means to help people find their way around the care home.

The Dementia Centre has published a position paper “The use of floor-mounted wayfinding signage for people with dementia living in residential aged care”. The paper provides recommendations on the use of floor mounted signage with a particular focus on minimising its use and potential application in individual cases.

The paper outlines that successful wayfinding relies on a person

  • being able to understand their environment,
  • orientating themselves in a physical space
  • being able to decide to go somewhere,
  • knowing their destination,
  • knowing and following a route and
  • recognising the destination on arrival.

Although studies have indicated some benefits of floor signage for people with dementia who are vision impaired, these are limited.

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Download the Floor Signage Position Paper.