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Update on Needs Based Assessment Program for SDCP

As part of Dementia Support Australia, we provide the Needs Based Assessment program. This program determines eligibility for the government funded Specialist Dementia Care Program.

The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) is a government initiative that provides individualised care for people with very severe behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia. There are currently ten SDCP units open across Australia, with more planned in 2021.

Families, residential care staff, hospitals and older persons mental health units can contact DSA for referral into the Needs Based Assessment (NBA) program. It is important that we obtain as much information as possible to determine eligibility for an SDCP, which includes speaking to those supporting the person, observing the person with dementia, and working with a medical specialist.

For DSA to undertake an NBA, consent must be obtained from the family or legally appointed person responsible. State specific consent forms are now available to download from the DSA website and can be signed, scanned and emailed to DSA or given to the DSA Consultant as the first step of the assessment.