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New DSA website launched

Thursday 2 April, 2020

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With the addition of the Needs based Assessment Program to the DSA services it was important that we created an easily accessible site for our clients.

The website is aimed at providing an information hub for carers of people with dementia, whether they are carers in a residential aged care facility, family carers or in the hospital or primary care setting.

“We are excited to have the new website for DSA. The home page is designed so people can readily contact us for support and advice,” said A/Prof Colm Cunningham

“There is a lot more information on this site including our individual services of DBMAS, SBRT and the Needs Based Assessment Program, that details eligibility and access for each service and how we support families.”

Resources available on the website include the SDCP: Access, Eligibility and Expectations webinar presented by A/Prof Colm Cunningham, Professor Stephen Macfarlane (Dementia Centre’s Head of Clinical Services and psycho-geriatrician), and Anne Vickers (Director of the Specialist Dementia Care Program at the Department of Health).

Divided into eleven topics, the webinar provides a detailed overview of DSA and the role of the Needs Based Assessment Program in accessing the governments new Specialist Dementia Care Programs.

Access the SDCP: Access, Eligibility and Expectations webinar

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