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The power of music in care

2 June 2020
Evelyn was living with Alzheimer’s disease in an aged care home. Staff at the home found that they could only engage with her for short periods of time. Read More

Looking after a person with dementia in hospital

24 April 2020
The hospital environment can be unfamiliar and distressing and it is important that staff understand and are equipped to provide safe and quality care tailored to the needs of the patient with dementia. Read More

Pain is leading cause of behaviour change

9 April 2020
In 2019 pain was documented as contributing to the behaviour of 66% of SBRT clients and 57% of DBMAS clients. During face to face assessments, DSA teams have found pain to be a leading cause of changed behaviour for their clients. Read More

What you can do to stay connected

16 April 2020
The use of electronic devices and technology has enabled so many of us to stay connected and continue to live our lives with a sense of normalcy. One tip suggests regular video links or phone calls as an easy way to let your family member know you are thinking of them. Read More

How to understand and manage changed behaviours during COVID-19

1 April 2020
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dementia Support Australia has released a resource for aged care services with tips to manage a person living with dementia whose behaviour may be impacting their care. Read More

New DSA website launched

2 April 2020
The website is aimed at providing an information hub for carers of people with dementia, whether they are carers in a residential aged care facility, family carers or in the hospital or primary care setting. Read More

Needs Based Assessment: Understanding eligibility and access for the Specialist Dementia Care Program

3 April 2020
here Complementing DBMAS and SBRT services is the new Needs Based Assessment (NBA) service.  This service provides nationally consistent assessment for eligibility into the Specialist Dementia Care Program. The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) is a new government initiative that provides specialist accommodation, care and support for those people where behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia are unable to be managed in the standard residential care setting. The SDCP offers... Read More

Staying active at home during COVID-19

25 March 2020
here We know that staying active and getting outside is important for our health and well-being, but this can be difficult when we are told to stay at home and not to go out. Dementia Support Australia has produced a helpsheet “How to stay active at home when you can’t go out due to COVID-19”. Developed for people with dementia and their carers, the document provides ideas and suggestions about how to stay active both in and outside the home. During the current pandemic of COVID-19 older... Read More

How DSA services are operating during the pandemic

9 April 2020
here Dementia Support Australia continues to provide its services across Australia 24/7, 365 days We understand that care homes and family carers might be more concerned about the level of access our services are able to provide. All services delivered by Dementia Support Australia have been defined by the Department of Health as ‘essential services’ and able to continue to provide much needed support on the ground in care homes and do not impact on family visits. We provide phone... Read More

The use of floor-signage for people with dementia: Position Paper

7 April 2020
The paper outlines that successful wayfinding relies on a person: 1. Being able to understand their environment, 2. Orientating themselves in a physical space... Read More

The use of murals in places where people with dementia live

19 August 2019
Does evidence support the benefits of murals in residential care homes? Find out the myths and facts behind their use and potential impacts for people with dementia. Read More

Rural and Remote Strategy 2021

6 November 2020
here The needs of people living with dementia, and those that care for people living dementia, does not change depending on where they live around Australia. Those in regional and remote areas require the same level of support as those in metropolitan cities, however access to specialist services is limited. Generally, people want to stay in their own environment, and it is important to be able to care for the person with dementia where they live. As a large and geographically dispersed country,... Read More

Update on Needs Based Assessment Program for SDCP

here As part of Dementia Support Australia, we provide the Needs Based Assessment program. This program determines eligibility for the government funded Specialist Dementia Care Program. The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) is a government initiative that provides individualised care for people with very severe behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia. There are currently ten SDCP units open across Australia, with more planned in 2021. Families, residential care staff,... Read More

DSA featured at upcoming Dementia Conference

here Dementia Support Australia will share stories from the field, latest updates of service operations during the pandemic, and provide access to valuable resources including help sheets and care support guides for people with dementia and their carers at the upcoming International Dementia Conference, #IDC2020. In the current climate of uncertainty in the Australian aged care sector how we move forward to ensure the best care is provided for those people most in need is crucial. The International... Read More
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