DSA Services
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Regional and Remote Dementia Support in Australia

Who is Eligible for DSA Services?

Our clients are people living with dementia, care workers, health professionals and family carers who are supporting a person with dementia experiencing behaviours and psychological changes that are impacting their care.

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS)

Support is provided through: 24/7 contact with a Dementia Consultant on 1800 699 799 for advice or to make a referral. Phone or in person assessment and support of the person living with dementia and their environment

Severe Behaviour Response Teams (SBRT)

24/7 contact with a Dementia Consultant on 1 800 699 799 to access SBRT service. Timely, in person assessments of the person living with dementia and their environment to assess the causes of the behaviours...

Needs Based Assessment Program (NBA)

The NBA Program provides nationally consistent assessment for eligibility into the Specialist Dementia Care Program.

Childhood Dementia Support in Australia

Support is provided through: We provide individualised strategies and recommendations to support the care of the child with dementia, their families, and the care environment.

Working with Family Carers in Australia

An important part of our advisory service is to understand the person with dementia and their interaction with their care environment. In order to provide tailored advice, we consult extensively with their support network including family members.

Building Capacity & Training for Dementia Carers in Australia

Capacity building: Increased competence through knowledge translation, knowledge acquisition, and group discussion.

Dementia Assessment Tools

DSA provides advice and recommendations where behaviours are impacting the care of a person living with dementia. This advice is tailored to each individual and the environment where they are receiving care.