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Needs Based Assessment Program (NBA)

The NBA Program provides nationally consistent assessment for eligibility into the Specialist Dementia Care Program.

The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) is a new government initiative that provides individualised care for people with very severe behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia.

The SDCP provides specialist accommodation, management and support for those people living with dementia who are unable to be cared for by mainstream aged care services. The program aims to help people return to less intensive care settings through specialised, transitional residential support.

To find out more download our Booklet "Needs Based Assessment: Understanding eligibility and access to the Specialist Dementia Care Program"

Accessing SDCP through the Needs Based Assessment Program

Dementia Support Australia assesses whether a person is eligible for the SDCP through its Needs Based Assessment (NBA) program.

The person with dementia is visited by a qualified SDCP Consultant and will:

  • Speak with family or guardian to gather social history
  • Speak with carer or the residential care staff involved in supporting the client
  • Observe the client
  • Work with a DSA medical specialist

The assessment is reviewed by a DSA medical specialist (geriatrician or psych-geriatrician) and a final decision is made on eligibility for a SDCP placement.

If the client is found to be eligible for placement, an SDCP provider/s are given the assessment information. It is the role of the referrer and selected SDCP provider to determine timing of entry into the Specialist Dementia Care Unit and how best to proceed.

The role of family and service provider in the assessment process

Written consent

The Needs Based Assessment program can only progress once written consent is obtained.

A consent form is available to download here.

Needs Based Assessment Consent Form

State specific consent forms are currently in developement. A consent form listing SDCPs in Victoria and Queensland is now available.

Needs Based Assessment Content Form (VIC)

Needs Based Assessment Consent Form (QLD)

The signed form can be scanned and emailed, or given to the DSA Consultant as the first step during the assessment.

By completing this form you agree to be assessed for a Specialist Dementia Care Programs currently operational within your state however you have the right to request not to be considered for any service or site at any time. Currently we are assessing eligibility for the following service regions. This list will be updated as more sites come online.

  • Brightwater The Village – Perth WA
  • HammondCare Cardiff – Hunter New England & Central Coast NSW
  • Uniting Church In Australia, Uniting Eabrai, Weston, ACT
  • HammondCare Caulfield – South Eastern Melbourne VIC
  • Wintringham, McLean Lodge Hostel, Flemington VIC 
  • Villa Maria Catholic Homes, St Bernadette’s Residential Aged Care Facility, Sunshine North, VIC (available soon)
  • Uniting Communities Aldersgate – Adelaide, SA
  • Alzheimer’s Assoc. QLD Garden City – Brisbane South, QLD
  • Corp. of the Synod of Brisbane, St Martin’s Nursing Home, QLD
  • Good Shepherd Lodge Ltd, Good Shepherd Lodge, Mackay, QLD

Needs Based Assessment Eligibility Pathway

Needs Based Assessment Eligibility Pathway infographic

Appeals process for Needs Based Assessment outcome

A referrer may wish to appeal the outcome of the Needs Based Assessment if a client is determined to be ineligible for Specialist Dementia Care Program placement by DSA.

Details on how to appeal an NBA outcome can be downloaded here

Appeals process for NBA outcome


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