DSA Services
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Working with Families

An important part of our advisory service is to understand the person with dementia and their interaction with their care environment. In order to provide tailored advice, we consult extensively with their support network including family members.

DSA works in partnership with families to ensure appropriate and individualised care is provided to their loved one.

What information do we need?

To access our services we will need consent from the family or legally appointed guardian. If the person with dementia is living in a residential care home we will also need consent from the care home to provide on the ground support.

Consent ensures that all parties are aware that our service has been asked to provide support. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

Personal history, life experiences, and medical history of the person with dementia allows for an individualised approach to care and informs appropriate strategies and recommendations.

DSA recommendations

All recommendations provided by the DSA Consultant are based on evidence and best practice in supporting people with dementia where their behaviour is impacting their care.

When the family member with dementia is residing in a care home a recommendations report will be written for the care home staff. This allows staff to carry out the recommendations based on their knowledge of the person in their care.

Families can request a copy of the report from the care home and DSA consultants are happy to discuss these recommendations with the family.